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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for Trekking

Is it safe to drink water on a trek in Nepal?

No, you cannot drink water from the streams or taps while you are on trek. Mineral water is available on the all the trails, it is however very expensive to buy (sometimes up to 10 times more than in Kathmandu/Pokhara). We advise you to use a water purifier or SteriPen.

Am I likely to get altitude sickness on my trek?

On any trek exceeding 3500 meter, there is a possibility that you might suffer from altitude sickness. In order to avoid altitude sickness we designed the itineraries of our treks in such a way that there is enough time to acclimatize.

Am I at risk and how can I avoid altitude sickness?

Everyone can suffer from altitude sickness. It has nothing to do with your age or physical condition. Before you go on trek consult your doctor at home. There are prescription medications that can help avoid the start of altitude sickness. Above all listen to your body and the signs it is giving, go slowly, be aware of any changes in your body and most importantly listen to your guide.

What happens if there is the need for an emergency evacuation while I am trekking?

We will collect all your travel insurance policies and details before the trek. In case of an emergency we can coordinate everything with your insurance company and the helicopter providers.

What about a simple medical treatment when I am on trek?

On every trek we, our staff, will carry a first aid kit. We also recommend that you carry a first aid kit yourself. Apart from this we have to say that vaccinations are not compulsory in Nepal, but before you leave check with your doctor if there are any vaccinations he/she recommends you.

Do I need to buy travel insurance before I travel to Nepal?

Yes, you do need to buy travel insurance before traveling to Nepal. Life & Journey provides only insurance for our own staff. Please note that before buying your travel insurance that it will cover trekking in high altitudes.

Will I need to bring my own sleeping bag?

Yes, you can bring your own sleeping bag, or you can rent one in Kathmandu. Renting a sleeping bag will cost you about 1$ or 2$ per day in Kathmandu. Buying a new sleeping bag in Kathmandu, might be a bit costly depending on the quality, expect to pay 50$ for a medium quality.

Will I need crampons on this trek?

No, you do not need crampons on this trek, unless you will go in the middle of the winter. The trails are well marked. Instead of crampons you could carry micro spikes, they are lightweight, cheaper and do not require a specific shoe size.

Will we be using any tents and mattresses on the trek?

No, we will not use any tents or mattresses on the trek. Along very trek there are teahouses where we will spend the night.

Can I leave things in Kathmandu while I am on trek?

Anything that you would not like to take with you on trek can be stored in either your hotel or our office.

Who will be my guide?

We use local guides on each trek. Our guides have spend time and have been numerous to the relevant areas. All guides are knowledgeable, flexible and experienced, also they all are authorized licensed guides with the Government of Nepal.

Will I need a porter for my trek?

Preferably yes. Advantages of using a porter are: you can fully enjoy the trek without having to worry about your heavy bag, it also improves the income of the local community.

How much can a porter carry?

A porter can roughly carry about 20kg, of those 20kg are 4kg with his own luggage. This means they can carry around 16-18 kg of your bags/trekking equipment.

Is your staff insured in case of accidents?

Yes, at Life & Journey we make sure that all our staff is well insured. We also make sure that they have safe and good trekking gear, so that they secure and they can also secure your wellbeing whilst being on trek.

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